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These clothes are made to serve as your home, waiting to live your life.
But one day you will desire new ones. We both know this. By giving your must have item back once you had enough of it you enable us to pass it on to the next owner. We take great care of it to make it last.

Should you fall in love with it and need to keep it for longer, you can of course buy it.
If you do so, you benefit from lifelong repair service and there is detailed information available how to recycle it if need be. Furthermore, every single garment we make can be recycable and does not need to be dismantled in a complex

process. All designed with a mono material strategy it is simply biodegradable.


Life is complex and full of things.
ZSA offers clothes with modular components to reduce the sheer amount of stuff and therefore waste. Designed to be worn in various ways the collection is your playground. Use the pockets as a bag and keep your belongings safe. WHen the sun comes out make a short jacket with matching skirt out of the Rainiator Coat. Swap lining turned shirt or keep it all palin and simple. Max it out with a minimal lifestyle and travel light.

„Sharing is caring cannot remain a catch phrase.
Get closer and make it our reality.“

open source

Nobody goes out naked. Everyone uses fashion. And fashion can change overnight. ZSA gives anyone the opportunity to be part of the game. Make it your own, add your own story.

Online you can find instructions on making components from your favourite material. You also find details on events to meet other humans of the ZSA community. If you have an ide for a piece that is missing you can get in touch. ZSA works by a code of design and follows values as a non profit organisation. If you are happy with our values we are happy to get to know you.

This is our game

House of ZSA is a humanswear label at seed stage rethinking the fashion game and it involves you to be the major player. 

We believe fashion is for everyone and follow a democratic approch.

To be founded as a non profit organisation means that the brand‘s main purpose is not profit. Our goal is to change the way we use fashion and help create a lasting future. We have come up with a circular system of garment use offering a modular collection for those who like to travel light. Sustainability and social responsibility are the core of all our work. We established strict values with regards to design and how we want run this business. All materials are carefully chosen. Production is sourced near/onshore and we work with exceptional people all along. This reduces the environmental impact and supports local businesses. Everyone‘s winning.

Life got more complex in recent years and is moving faster by the minute. 

It‘s a constant flow and resonating this we like to reinvent ourselves and seek change more often. 

But there‘s this issue with all the waste and plastic and climate change – how do we cope with that?

How can we avoid creating tons of waste, exploit thousands if not millions of people yet feed this immense desire for the new?

Our answer: Temporary Property. Own it but don‘t. It‘s the stories things tell that create their value. Sharing stories couldn‘t be easier. Keep the things you need and pass them on when your story is over.

ZSA offers fashion as a service applying a business model which is widely used with other items of daily matter. An app will ease the process of temporary ownership. Our repair & care service will leave you time to focus on the important things in life. 

Complexity untangled.

Another thing that drives us is the idea of a caring society. We need to move closer to be stronger for tackling all this change. So let‘s start by joining ventures and designing our future. ZSA plans to be open source. Everyone is welcome to be part of the game. Regular communal events for cultural exchange and knowledge transfer aid this goal. 

And to achieve all this we rely upon a strong network of players so we ask for your support.

Next steps on our journey

from August 2019: finetune the prototype collection

December 2019: test run the collection & prepare our route to market & crowdfunding campaign #watchthisspace

Play the game

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Follow the progress

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