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house of ZSA Foto: Sophie Daum Model: Luca (Place Models)

For all those traveling light.

ZSA is a fresh humanswear label with wide & soft sillhouettes made of carefully selected materials. These clothes are made for you to feel at home in. Designed with a conscious and circular thinking all pieces are limited editions.

Creating favourite pieces for daily purposes ZSA promotes sensuality defining soft sillhouettes with exceptional cloth, filling your wardrobe with everyday consciousness. Feel free to get involved and decide for yourself how to wear the tied closures. The trousers and smocks follow you through daily routines, giving space to expand. Mind over matter.

Who is ZSA?

ZSA is Sarah Buerger‘s nickname, the human behind house of ZSA .

Having studied Human & Design @ HFK Bremen for 3 years in 2004 she moved to England and stayed 7 years working within POS, packaging and shop design. She then moved to HH where her current work started off with an internship at the label Secret Pal and BA studies in fashion design beside founding the „Formschoen. Raum für Design“ ( now „Raum für Design“). It‘s a mix between textile fablab and coworking space for people who want to start a fashion line and produce locally or connect with likeminded professionals. During her MA studies she concepted house of ZSA initially to be a menswear line promoting emotional values and collective consciousness with the vision of a place providing textile products mainly clothes around human‘s wellbeing.. After passing her 20 year old son over to adult life early 2018 she now dedicates her time to grow it into a humanswear collection addressing those who wish to reconnect. ZSA seeks low waste solutions and wants to achieve longevity and sustainability by creating high quality garments that let you feel at home. Through her holistic interdisciplinary approach ZSA offers an alternative to today‘s FMCG market which she was part of years too many.