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ZSA accepts the responsibility for planet Earth and carefully chooses the materials used never exploiting just one fabric. Always trying to keep a balance she looks at fabric leftovers, organic and ethically sourced materials, recycles buttons and fibres from loved garments plus striving for zero waste concepts. She constantly seeks solutions that avoid waste when engineering garments and upcycle trimmings if she can. Whenever she achieves a zero waste cut it's marked by adding a zero to the logo. But with one of the most complex value chains being the clothes industry it‘s not possible to promise a 100% sustainable product. So instead the collection consists of conscious clothing and the promise is 100% honesty and transparency - so you are free to decide what to wear and how to care.

Sarah "Zsa." Bürger:

"When I design I am very conscious which material to use and why, in fact the material research is one of the hardest parts during the design process. Each material has special properties and serves another purpose, sometimes it's all made by hand. In this section I give you an insight in the choice of fabrics I use. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me."


ZSA Shirt "Safe" made of Khadi


the handspun cotton, wool or silk from India, is ofspecial significance to Indians and we felt to adopt this athouse of ZSA. During the struggle for freedom almost a century ago Ghandi elevated the fragile thread to a symbolof strength and self su ciency, also providingemployment during this time. The symbolism of wearing cloth made by human hands has continued to this day. By using this fabric we support local weavers from India and create a garment that touches your senses. Wear and care. It‘s a sign of change.